SIB ECO CRETE is an advanced, professional grade self levelling topping made using selected additives, aggregates and special cements. It is suitable for use in both chemical and heavy traffic industrial environments.

SIB ECO CRETE has unique bonding properties, why it is also a good option for smaller repairs SIB ECO CRETE does not suffer from shrinkage and has very high abrasion resistance. These characteristics enable this product to be used to produce high performance and durable seamless floors.

SIB ECO CRETE is very smooth and has no big aggregates. It levels very well and will give you a very smooth surface with cement screed effects.

Due to its unique strength at low volume, the material consumption is low and allows on site application of 250 m²+ per hour, using a mixerpump applicator.

SIB ECO CRETE is not sensitive to moist and can be installed on 2 days old concrete. SIB ECO CRETE can be used inside and outside.  It is fast setting and Is ideal for smaller areas where you want to finish fast.

There are no resins in the product. Its formulation is based on harmless, VOC-free non-hazardous raw materials SIB ECO CRETE does not smell or cause unhealthy fumes.