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Sibland Company
Sibland Company

Design Innovation

SIBLAND is at the forefront of design and technical innovation in decorative and industrial concrete floors.

Our experience is immense and so is our expertise. From small-scale art projects to shopping centres, airports and huge factories, we install millions of square metres of concrete flooring every year.

Not only are we are experts in industrial concrete flooring, but we have continued to take it to a higher level of design. Today the SIBLAND range includes a large selection of complementary products, that allow you to continue your terrazzo floor up the wall or to create matching furniture and other design features.

Our flooring system and complementary products give complete architectural freedom to design everything from a plain clear white concrete floor to coloured terrazzo flooring with multi-coloured aggregates.

The client’s choice is only limited by the architect’s imagination. When you want a high performance custom concrete or terrazzo floor, our background and continual development of industrial and decorative applications makes our solutions absolutely the right decision.

Joint Free

SIBLAND products are unique when it comes to large scale joint free flooring. The SIBEXTREME and the SIBECO ranges are based on our own non-shrinkage technology and as this suggests, do not suffer from shrinkage or cracking. There is no need to compensate for product shrinkage by adding specific balanced aggregate mixes; you can design your mix as you like it.


The SIBEXTREME Product range demonstrates impressive characteristics when it comes to flexural and compressive strength and abrasion resistance, which is why it is possible to lay floors over large areas without the use of joints.


The SIBECO product range excels in chemical resistance and is formulated to withstand both harsh industrial environments and outdoor installations. Not only can the SIBECO product range be used for a wide range of industrial applications, but it is designed to match the SIBEXTREME products, which for example makes it possible to continue the indoor design through to the exterior.

Environmentally aware

SIBLAND actively strive to be a market leading company in the development of environmentally friendly construction industry products.

Two factors demonstrate that SIBLAND care about sustainability and their own impact on the environment: SIBLAND’s manufacturing plant is based in Portugal, one of the countries with the highest percentage of Green Electricity in the world, thereby reducing the product’s carbon footprint. Secondly, all the minerals used in the production of our aggregates are abundantly found locally in nature, minimising the journey from source to manufacture.

SIBLAND has always had a strong focus on sourcing and developing green products, but as importantly, we also make sure that they are harmless to work with. We are proud of the fact that because both of our main product lines SIBECO and SIBEXTREME product ranges are manufactured from pure minerals and do not contain any toxic resins, they do not require any warning marks on the bags and this means that the entire application process can be VOC and APEO free.

SIBEXTREME & SIBECO products have been used around the world in LEED gold certified projects. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability and provides a framework for healthy, efficient, carbon and cost-saving green buildings. Points towards LEED certification can be awarded for projects using recycled materials and because Terrazzo not only uses natural stones, but also recycled materials, it is an extremely environmentally friendly option for any construction project.

In addition, in order to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and minimising our environmental impact, SIIBLAND are currently certifying our products with the internationally recognised EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) which follows (ISO) 14025.