New and Modern Office premises in Fredriksberg designed by SARC architects in Finland.

More than 100 years ago, the Fredriksberg area was an established workplace area and ‘Frediksberg Verkstad’ was the largest workplace in Helsinki. The urban structure has shaped itself for decades and is today a pulsating part of the city centre.

This traditional area was originally constructed in red brick blocks and this fabric has been respected in order to integrate the new buildings into the area. The new construction is a dynamic mix of residences, offices, shops, cafeterias and restaurants – it is full of life during the day.

The floor is made from Extreme Trowel, laid to a thickness of 10mm, to create the effect of a conventional concrete floor and thereby maintaining the traditional industrial feel.

The floor is made by Bermanto – Finlands leading flooring contractor, using SIBland stone materials.

  • Name: Frediksberg Verkstad
  • Place: Helsinki, Finland