Olive grove poetry with SIBECO floor on Maison Amarande in Serra St. António, Portugal.

Maison Amarande architects create unique homes that integrate in the environment they are built in. This old mountain house in the middle of Serra de Santo António has been restored and turned into a large, warm, comforting, and open space with hang out nooks for family and friends gathering.

The house interior with its natural material choice, colours, shapes, forms and shades, creates a cosy and functional family home with soul and personality.

The big windows and glass doors, elegantly protected from excessive sunlight, bring the house natural light. Wherever you are in the house you are in constant dialogue with nature and the amazing infinite olive trees landscape.

The continuous SIBECO floor is created to match the natural materials. The seamless and soft balanced colour creates harmony and calm. It makes the spaces flow together, connecting the variated spaces on the inside and the outside.

The fact that SIBECO can be jointless in very low thickness makes it ideal for restoration work. It gives the architects an opportunity to make inside and outside areas flow together.
SIBECO floors highlight chemical resistance and can also be applied around the pool. The material can be installed both inside and outside. SIBECO can be smooth but can also be textured to create anti slip surfaces that can take high pressure cleaning.

It’s a pleasure to participate in this kind of project, where the original spirit is maintained, and our materials are used to create a unique home.

  • Name: UNNI
  • Place: Portugal