Sibdekodur is a high performance screed composed of special cements, fibres, chemical additives and selected hard wearing aggregates with high strength and flexibility. It is made for application on existing floor bases to form a new pavement with high or extremely high resistance to abrasion. The product can be produced in various colours and applied in thickness from 8 to 70 mm.

There are 2 products in the Dekodur series to compensate for the differences in the way concrete is curing depending on the thickness.

SIBDekodur 80 from 8 to 20 mm thickness
SIBDekodur 200 from 20 to 70 mm thickness

SIBDEKODUR can be used outside and inside. It behaves like a traditional concrete and will need 5-7 days curing time.


Renewal of old floors and application of new domestic, commercial and industrial flooring. Where you wish a high abrasion resistance and natural concrete look.

SIBDEKODUR is often used to fix problems caused by concrete failure or delamination in traditional concrete with dry shake toppings.

Suitable for use in schools, airports, warehouses and logistic centres, retail outlets, restaurants, lobbies, etc.