This Bolton coach House by KLD was shortlisted for the Domestic Interiors award, at the 20th annual Irish Design Awards.

The Irish Design Awards is an annual competition organised by the Institute of Designers in Ireland. Winning an award is about as close as you get to an Irish Design Oscar.

The Bolton Coach House is an historic Coach house Building. The project was a large suburban house, built in 1878 and recently purchased in poor repair.

The new design combines and juxtaposes the old and new building as one interesting and exiting multi-level, unique space. The existing coach house is brimming with character, charm and original detail. We deliberately created interesting spaces, nooks and crannies, contracting the old building with a juxtaposing minimal and streamlined extension design.

There are multiple routes and ways to use the paces. Material palette fused original industrial and raw features with highly sophisticated polished marble, walnut and brass. The kitchen and WC acts as architectural inserts into the stone and brick archways.

The furniture designs and selections deliver elegance and femininity to complement the masculine structure. Patterned, rustic tiling adds an element of playfulness and fun contrasted against the smooth and sleek joint free floor that gives elegance and balance to the building.

The SIB Extreme Flow floor was installed by Stoneseal, Ireland, our authorized installer in Ireland.

  • Place: Dublin Ireland