The fact that SIB Extreme Style has no contraction or shrinkage makes it an ideal product together with inserts and creating patterns on the floors. Extreme will not shrink and create an open gap next to the insert – the same thing counts if you pour the material next to each other in different colours. Extreme will not open and create gaps. These characteristics made it ideal for the main floor of the newly opened Copernicus shopping centre outside Torun.

It is possible to design almost everything – We can produce strong uniform colours – aggregates can be added to create micro terrazzo or terrazzo with big aggregates.

Extreme Style is Ultra High Performance concrete and the high abrasion resistance together with extreme high compressive strength and the fact that you have no shrinkage and extreme high flexural strength, makes Extreme unique for high traffic decorative area.

  • Name: Copernicus
  • Place: Torun, Poland