Our SIBEXTREME product range combines abilities that make it possible to create truly seamless high performance Terrazzo floors. SIBEXTREME AG STYLE is classified as an ultra hight performance concrete.

SIBEXTREME AG STYLE excels because of its combination of these 4 characteristics

  1. No shrinkage or contraction
  2. Extremely high compressive strength C 60- 100 N/mm2
  3. Extremely high flexural strength F 16 – 20 +
  4. High Abrasion Resistance from Böhme A5 to A 1,5

One of the biggest advantages of this product is that these unique technical characteristics can be achieved in a 10 mm thick application.

Architectural Concrete

It gives almost infinite design possibilities, without compromising the quality. It is possible to make joint free and crack free floors in very large areas and you can work with the entire RAL colour range in the cement mix and play with the size and quantities of the aggregates. Logos and inserts can be put into the floor and all these options can be combined.

Industrial Applications

Due to its technical performance, SIBEXTREME can be used in heavy industrial applications and with the addition of special hard aggregates SIBEXTREME will withstand heavy truck traffic, belt vehicles, AGV (automatic guided vehicles) etc.