The interior rooms in a house close to Paris in France were finished using SIBland Micro-cement coating. The result is a modern and contemporary finish which allows the owner to experiment with their own decorative vision.

This master bedroom and bathroom is a good example of how micro-cement is often used. The interior designer wanted the entire room – walls, floors and furniture; even the bed, to be created in one piece without joints. Using the right primers, micro-cement sticks on almost any surface, even on tiles, which is why it is an easy and simple way to resurface and create a new look in a bathroom. The micro-cement has been applied with subtle effects, so it does not get boring despite all being made in the same colour.

Additionally, one of the main advantages of using micro-cement in a bathroom is that you do not need to demolish; it can be installed over the existing tiles and even in the bathtub.

Micro-cement is an elastic cement coating that can be used inside and outside on almost all kinds of surfaces. Its primary use is as a decorative coating, that makes it possible to create a smooth cement finish using thin layers for walls, pools and furniture.

We prefer to recommend self levelling overlays or terrazzo for flooring, but Micro-cement can be used in low traffic areas such as private homes and for decorative use in bathrooms.

  • Name: Private owner
  • Place: Paris