This Procter & Gamble factory in the north of England had a very old concrete floor with a very uneven floor surface resulting in height differences in some places of several centimetres. This unevenness affected the functionality of the laser controlled AGV´s and visually, the floor was dark and stained and had micro cracks and marks from previous repairs.

It was an essential factor for Procter & Gamble that we could restore the floor without having to close down the factory. With our floor system we were able to make a new bright floor, without having to take out the old pavement, which would have forced the factory to close for weeks, due to noise, dust etc.

A 10-15 mm screed was laid over the old floor. We used a white Terrazzo mix with white pure quartz aggregates. The result is a new bright, jointless and extremely abrasion resistant factory floor.

  • Name: Procter and Gamble
  • Place: England