Our quarry and the production of special hard aggregates have played an essential part of the company since the foundation in 1974.

We also custom design dry shake – not only do we produce dry shakes with hard aggregates – we also shape them so they anchor to the concrete and avoid delamination. We produce the dry shake to be more creamy to create a smoother and more colour uniform surface or to elevate the impact resistance.

One of the latest product developments is a dry shake designed to create colour uniform polished concrete floors, with very high abrasion resistance.
resistance from Böhme A 9 to Böhme A 1,5.
Consumption: 5-9 kg/m2

We can make dry shakes with fibres to give it higher impact resistance etc.
It can be made in all colours and with corundum, metal etc.

Dry Shake can be used in any type of production facility, warehouses, high-bay storage areas, logistic centres, distribution centres, workshops, cold stores, car parks, ramps, hangars etc. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.