Lund and Laastad Architects, founded by architects Børje Sund Laastad and Svein Erik Lund, are behind Landås new school in Bergen.

For the floor in the common areas and hallways they have used a custom designed white terrazzo mix with pure white quarts and green recycled glass. The joint free floors have been used to create open indoor spaces. It makes the floor appears uniform in perspective, but contrast to the random spread of aggregates that makes the floor alive and expressive as you walk around in the building.

Lines of green cement have been inserted to mark the steps on the stairs as well as we have used the flooring material to create slopes to reduce speed and risk on wheelchair ramps.

Landås Skole and the work realized by Gulvtec is a very nice example on how versatile our flooring products are and how well they can be fitted to meet architects needs.

  • Name: Landas School
  • Place: Bergen, Norway