Micro Cement is a decorative cement mix, made to create a smooth and soft concrete look and ideal for modern and contemporary spaces. Micro-cement is a very versatile product and can be applied on walls, floors, stairs and furniture, both indoor and outdoor. Micro-cement can be made in all colours and a skilled craftsman can create the effect of continuous walls and floors.

The great advantage of micro-cement is that it can be applied over almost any existing material from ceramics and marble to wood, concrete or tiles. Micro-cement is a fast way to renovate a space without causing disorder, dirt or involving traditional construction work. It is a modern and tasteful alternative for rapid implementation and easy maintenance.

The Metallic stucco is thinner than the micro-cement and is made to create metallic glitter effects like gold and silver on wall surfaces.

Consult our commercial department for the correct use of micro-cement and stucco.