Conventum Arena in Örebro is the the city´s centre for events, fairs, concerts and cultural occasions. With a 15 meter high ceiling and 3800 m2 of free indoor space, it is possible to accommodate large diverse events.

After 10 years of constant use the floor needed to be repaired and levelled. The 2 big foldable spectator seating racks, each seating 380 people, are heavy and need a level floor in order to be moved around, folded out and function efficiently.

The new floor was made by flooring specialist Linotol; our exclusive applicator in Sweden. The floor was levelled mechanically before a SIB EXTREME TERRAZZO MIX was laser screeded out to meet tolerance levels.

The floor is laid in one piece without any dilatation joints. Fine straight lines have discretely been cut into the Terrazzo Floor and then filled with the same material in a contrasting white colour. Because the floor is joint-free, making these subtle guidelines in the floor enables chairs or tables to be placed in straight lines.

  • Name: Örebro council
  • Place: Örebro Sweden